What is our diet philosophy?





What is our philosophy and diet attitude for both athletes and non-athletic man on our earth?

There is a lot of types of diets and for somebody „right“ ways of how to eat clean. How is supposed to man distinguish what foodstuff or which diet is the best for him? To be honest there does not exist one correct way and there is not an exact instruction of how to eat. You will not find it anywhere on the internet or in books. Each body is unique and can accept particular ingredients differently. It is vital listen to your body and to observe what makes you feel good, full of energy or makes you real regeneration. You can either be vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater as we can earn the precious vitamins and minerals from herbal diet too. You always have to remember that your diet has to be balanced in all aspects. If you alter from one diet to another you should be patient and carefully observe what it causes to your body.

We are what we eat.

It is not said in vain. Food that we eat influences our physical and mental health and the whole output that we put into your life. So why people think same e.g. as they take an umbrella when it rains in order to feel comfortable? Why people take something to their mouth what makes them ill? Of course, the food is also about the task and momentum of satisfaction, but we would like to show you that even the healthy food might be also delicious! We can show you how to cook quickly and healthy. It is only about you and your devotion to your body.

There are some general principles that we should observe.

Firstly, there exist a lot of foodstuff that should be eliminated by all of us. We all show you during our cooking videos which will be diverse and balanced, and which support your performance, regeneration and health. Secondly, you should take into account is what is your fitness aim or aim in life. If you are allergic or intolerant to any of the ingredients etc. Finally, decide what is your body fitness goal – lose weight or gain muscles or maintain your weight. We have tips for all of you.

Tomas‘s and Jitka’s general principles of healthy diet

Eat real food – meaning non-industrially processed food, conglomerates, semi-finished products which are full of chemicals and preservatives such as raffinate sugars, saturated fats and so on.

Eat vivid / lifelike food – meaning food that naturally expires (usually fast) as only such food contains natural bacteria and molds that helps your digestive maintenance. All emulsifiers and preservatives, aromas are substances unfamiliar to our body

Eat simple food – meaning there is no need to have so many ingredients, In general the less ingredients in industrial food the better. (but this don’t mean your food should have 1 ingredient, balance is right).

Eat vegetal food – as you know plants are really good for our health meaning by that vegetables and legumes moreover this food is less repleted with calories that people are overstuffed with. This leads to a number of civilization diseases. As well as the food type it is very important to maintain a good preparation and ways of cooking of fore mentioned legumes.

Eat home made food – The best ingredients you can get is of course from certified BIO farms. That also means that such ingredients are mostly more expensive than the ordinary ones. If you want to safe your money and you have your own garden, try to grow the plants yourself.

Eat meagerly – now important twice as much. We do not say you to suffer from hunger but to savor every bite. Generally said better not to be full than overeated.

Eat colorful food – try to list what you have eaten in this week. You will see how colorful your meals are. 

Eat regularly – make arrangements in your food times. Make some rules to your eating habits.

Eat slowly – Be a gourmet and enjoy your meal as much as possible as slow eating makes you quicker full.

Eat in a good whim – Eat with your friend and people you like. Eating is a ritual.

Eat without extremes – Simply try to stick to the rule of 80% : 20% (eighty percent correct, 20 percent incorrect)

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