About Jitka

I grew up in small town in South Bohemia as Tomas. 

I have always been a sporty kid. My parents kept me always busy. I did a lot of sports. I started with gymnastic, then athletics and martial arts. I have never been somehow super perfect at sports though. Just best in the class or won some school games. My parents have never lead me to be the best in sports. Just in studies.

I quit doing athletics when I was about 20 years old. Then I did sports only recreationally with my ex-boyfriend. I was also crazy into Insanity workouts from Shaun T till the time I discovered CrossFit…It gave me everything I was looking for. Universal sport that is not focusing on just one thing.

After two years of returning to fitness I opened with three friends small gym in our town. I work as a fitness instructor and I lead Jumping fitness classes. I love this workout – energetic and vivid workout on fitness trampolines on rhythmic music.

Then I met Tomas and after some time we decided to spread our fitness style through cyber space. This is where the story begins… I hope you will enjoy your fitness journey with us and remember that success is not the goal, it is a journey and direction you take.