About Tomáš

What is my life story?

I was born in 1993 as a fourth child of our family and all my life I have lived in a small city (around 5000 inhabitants) at a countryside of the Czech Republic.  

I have tried a lot of sports since I was at primary school. I was always active kid but I also went through my adolescent years when I was more interested in parties and alcohol as usual teenager :) To sum up my sports history I used to play soccer, tennis, table tennis, floor-ball, swimming, biking, athletic and few martial arts. I also spent a freaky lot of time playing all kind of computer games.

I studied IT at high school and during that time I spent most of the time at parties nevertheless this was also my first time I stepped in to the gym. My friend told me to come with him and slowly a new passion started. A fitness passion. But as you can imagine  I did not want to give up parties, highs up and fun with my friends. I wanted to be somehow better than the others and I started to read articles about fitness, nutrition and exercises. Some time later I helped my friends to create their own fitness programs or diets. As my interest in food increased I decided to do some cooking. Just simple and basic cooking.

Few years later at university I discovered a book that changed my life. It was the book titled “Eat and run” by Scott Jurek. Still at nowadays I do not know why but this book captivated me. This book was the inhibitor for me to start running and live healthy life style. I read other titles after that book such as Finding ultra ,Born to run, Running. with Kenyans, Life without limits etc. I gave up smoking and alcohol. I cooked every day and I stared to love it. I run every day and quickly got into volume of 200 miles per month and then just more and more. But it was just beginning…

I decided to travel in order to meet new people and be inspired by other athletes from all over the world. I also improved my English by that :) I traveled to USA many times, Africa and Asia. The most interesting trip was with  one of the top Czech distance runners into Kenya in 2017. I spent there 5 weeks of running with Kenyans and other best world runners. I tried to discover what is the secret of their success.

During these years I was focusing a lot on long distance running mostly half-marathons and later tried few marathons too. Later in 2017 I run my best half-marathon timed 1:17 hour. Me and my sister, who runs a lot with me, created a running blog about run, running programs and nutrition. This website (www.dvabezci.cz) which is only in Czech language. It is translated to English only via machine translator. I summed up there some of my explorations about body, herbal supplements and body biology. In recent years running has been still part of me but only as a hobby due to my job and my health conditions. 

In summer 2019 I met somebody who showed me another type of fitness named Crossfit. Some of you now know that I am talking about Jitka :) In Crossfit I could benefit all my fitness history - running, gym, athletics as well as gymnastics. As I lost a lot of muscle mass because of running I slowly started to gain it back. My body is now more flexible to all that kinds of sports and allows me to be more “universal” athlete. Not in vain is said at Crossfit Games “Fittest on earth” :) But you might find passion somewhere else. Lets check it out with us…:)