Coffee - For who can be drinking of coffee problematic?

A lot of articles states that few coffees per day is healthy for you but let’s check it out from a different angle. Many people claim that drinking coffee work for them perfectly and are not tired at all. Unfortunately, many of them say that coffee makes them sleepy even more.

Our genes are the reason.

People living closer to equator (dark phenotype) usually metabolize caffeine and toxins better than people living further (e.g. Nordic breed). As a good example we would stressed out Italians and Swedish. Italians will profit from coffee drinking whilst Swedish will be overdosed. That’s the reason why we would not say that drinking of coffee has a positive impact to our body. See a study: The impact of gene CYP1A2 on heart attack.

Digestive system and immunity

Low quality coffee may contains many substances that are otherwise harmless to our health (mycotoxins, pesticides) and for those who suffer from autoimmunity problems is unfortunately drinking more cups of coffee per day may be health damaging.

According to the estimates only 20% of autoimmunity illnesses are named in clinical experience. Rest of them are not named and are not connected to this problem.

Neurotype – Human body is trying to defend itself against the caffeine (which is natural toxin) by tightening blood vessels and washout of adrenaline and that can cause anxiety or/and hypoxia (a brain-fog - not enough oxygen in brain due to tightening of blood vessels).  On the other hand, coffee can increase dopamine and energetic kick to some of us.

How coffee affect our mental condition decides our feeling momentum (stress vs energy) and personality type as well (scarecrows vs. warriors).

Generally, genes can really show if drinking of coffee is good or bad for us.

In study from 2006 (Cornelis et al.,) authors found out that:

  • Drinking of coffee is good for those having genes CYP1A2 in variant 1APeople having genes CYP1A2 in variant 1A can drink coffee and its good for them
  • People with genes CYP1A2 in variant 1F who drink coffee very often may cause higher risk of heart attack before reaching 50 years. *
  • *explained in shortened version

Even though you do not know your genes, which is good to know, you should listen to your body. If your metabolism of caffeine is slow you will feel the effect on you even after 6 hours you will probably be the F1 which means that this drink is definitely not for you.


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