Good and bad Gluten

Modern wheat eaten by most of the population was cultivated by crossing few kinds of wheat in the 1950s by Norman Borlaug. This kind of wheat had bigger grains and was able to grow all over the world. Borlaug received Nobel prize for this cultivated product. Unfortunately, this kind of wheat became a thread to people. It started to attack people’s immunity that caused allergies and intolerances (autoimmune problems)

Modern wheat contains three different wheat genomes that are genom A, B and D. Genom D occurs just in the modern wheat. This genome contains higher amount alfa-gladin (intolerant protein) and triggers already mentioned immunity reaction.

BETWEEN original types of wheat, which this genome don’t contain, belongs:

  • einkorn
  • kamut
  • emmer
  • rivet
  • durum (semolina)



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